Resort weddings are kind of a classic thing, but what I love about this wedding is that we were able to use such cool spaces among the architecture of the resort to create something that looked anything but classic in a lot of ways. It was really fun being challenged to find artistic spots to capture Shaylene + Chad on their day. 

Who doesn’t love a wedding dress in the midst of tropical greenery?!

I really love the delicate lace details on Shaylene’s wedding dress. There is something so romantic and very vintage about a lace dress!

It was supposed to be incredibly hot on this day, so these two decided on silk florals. Usually, I can tell the real thing from a silk flower but in this case, I really had to guess! These boutonnieres made for the perfect finishing touch on the guy’s suits. 

This may just be my favorite moment. I love when brides decide to have a first look with dad. It’s one of the most emotional moments I’ve witnessed on a wedding day and it gets me every time.

Shaylene also wanted to share a first touch with Chad. They held hands around a column and read each other love notes. I think we all cried.

A favorite frame.

This is one of my favorite images of all time. I saw these open squares in the resort halls and felt really inspired by the way the palms and squares worked to create this feeling. I wanted something where the bride + groom felt like part of their surroundings, so I asked them to go up a couple of floors and hang out in one of the squares. I just love the way this turned out.

Stealing away for sunset portraits will aaaalllways be another favorite thing of mine!

So I think the lesson here is that if a resort wedding makes the most sense for you with family and friends traveling in from all over, you don’t have to lose that creative vision you have for your day. There are plenty of ways to craft artistic portraits in any space, especially in such a diverse location! 


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Thanks to Michelle Larmand Photography for letting me tag along and create some magic at this wedding!


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