Off the coast of Portugal in the North Atlantic, there is a chain of islands known as the Azores. This little archipelago is home to São Miguel, one of the most beautiful islands I’ve ever visited. The island is locally referred to as “The Green Island” which is entirely accurate. It is so green and so very beautiful. It is home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, mist, and pure magic. Among all of those things, there is this jewel of a spot. Perhaps my favorite spot on the whole island, Lagoa do Fogo is one extraordinary place. 

Not only is it just drop-dead gorgeous, it made for the perfect backdrop to snag some very adventurous moments with a beautiful couple. The wind blowing through Rita’s hair, the chill that made her cuddle even closer together with João, the green + deep blues swirled together in an epic view. Every bit of this day was just epic. I know that word gets thrown around a lot, but for real. Keep scrollin’. 

I’m not even exaggerating, see? The emerald water, the cliffs, the slice of the ocean you can see over the top of forested mountains, all of it make this place SO dang beautiful. What made this place even more beautiful was the connection these two shared. It’s so clear how fond of one another they are.

Lagoa do Fogo could not be a better spot for a couple’s session. For that matter, if you’re looking for a wildly beautiful place to get married, you could most definitely plan an elopement or intimate wedding in the Azores!

After hanging out at Lagoa do Fogo, we ventured further into the interior to find a pretty little waterfall. I love a girl who is willing to jump in even in a dress and Rita was so down to get soaked even in that gorgeous Karolina Twardowska dress. The chilly water didn’t stop them from enjoying each other and the waterfall!

Seriously, such a fun day! Can’t get all the way out to Portugal but love how this session looks? You’re in luck! I live on Oahu, Hawaii and the views are pretty dang similar. Plus, you can find waterfalls to jump in all over Hawaii! If you’d like to plan an adventurous elopement or photo shoot, get in touch!


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