This is Me

I suppose I can talk about myself now... so again: I’m Randi, a wedding photographer + portrait photographer based in San Diego. Photography found me, really, and I’m so glad it did. There is this old photograph, my parents on the beach where my dad loved to surf. Neither of them are looking at the camera, they’re just interacting. It’s not simply a photo that says, “This is what they looked like.” It is a photo that says, “This is who they are. This is how they were before you were born.” It was taken in October of ’79 so it’s completely faded, but I have it framed in my home.

Growing up, I had always thought I'd be a writer; I loved to tell stories. Then, I got my first camera and it changed my world. I never dreamed I'd be a visual storyteller, but I love it so much. Photography allows me to tell the story of real people in their everyday life, in the in-between moments or on momentous days. If I can evoke true emotion for my clients when they view the work I've done, there's nothing better.

Some of my favorite things include craft beer + coffee, camping, hiking, road trips, exploring new places, Final Fantasy VII, cuddling up with a good book, all things birds, 60's music, Bon Iver, and freezing time. The best places I've traveled include Doha (Qatar), small villages in Malawi (Africa), Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica), Tulum (Mexico), and Vancouver (B.C.). 

I was born in California and have spent years getting to know this land; my favorite place on earth is Yosemite (hence the logo I designed to feature Half Dome). In 2015, I married the most genuine and creative soul, together we explore new places, go on photo dates, and spend way too much time at the beach. I have two strange little birds and a puppy we refer to as Calamity Chloe, we love our little zoo.