Randi + Ariel chose to exchange vows beneath the ancient redwoods of California. Just north of Truckee, there is this gorgeous spot named Mitchell’s Meadow. The couple who owns the property inspire me, they moved across the world and share this beautiful space with just a limited number of couples as it’s important to them to be balanced and maintain the natural atmosphere they offer for weddings. I can really appreciate their outlook as it’s one I have adopted as well. I would rather serve a smaller number of couples and be able to give much of myself to each one than to have back to back weddings and have little to give. It’s just something that is important to me. Something else I hold dear in my heart? Redwoods.

I mean, can ya get enough of these big, lovely trees? I think not. Scroll on to see what I mean… oh, and that tree swing in the meadow? Magic.

Thanks to Annamae for letting me tag along to capture this day.

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Love wildly. Because the earth and the stars one day will pass away, but love, love will always remain…


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