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so… how do we nail our shoot?


Great question! Before I became a photographer (or stepped in front of the lens myself), I kind of thought that photo shoots were a one way street. The photographer is going to tell me what to do and how to be or look and then we'll get these great photos. I was sooo wrong. My own engagement and wedding photos actually did kind of go that way, but the result was that it didn't look like us. It looked like this romantic, clean, beautiful frame but we were missing from it. That's how I knew that I wanted to do things differently when I stepped onto this path as a photographer myself. Sessions are most definitely a two way street.

For us to get that real stuff, the stuff that likely brought you to my website in the first place, we have to work together. You'll have to be open, maybe a little vulnerable. You'll have to get comfortable being affectionate around a third wheel (even if you need a little liquid courage to do so haha)! The way I like to work will feel more like giving you things to do or focus on. I might ask you to hold hands and run towards and away from me or snuggle up in the grass and hold each other tight. You get to choose how this feels natural to you. If you want to skip instead of run, go for it! If you get the giggles running around, I'll love that! If you prefer lap sitting to snuggle up, I'm all for it. If you want to tangle up like pretzels, yay! I won't pose you, I'd rather give directions and let you choose what comes naturally to follow them. That's how we'll get your personalities and your authentic love in frame. I just ask that you embrace the moment and be yourselves.


Let's get to know you a little better

What other word best describes you two?
Is it through touch, words, gifts, or would you rather tickle them til you both pee your pants laughing? Whatever it is, I wanna know!
You know, that one that makes you goofy dance together or the one that makes you feel closer to each other - that song.
Pick your poison: *
Homework *
I want you each to think of a few things. Don't share your answers, just give it a little thought and keep them in mind. -Think of a time when you felt proudest of your partner. -Think of a time when you felt very close to each other. -Think of something weird you love about him or her. -Think of your favorite thing about them. Now hold onto those! This may be a quiz ;)
Is there anything you want me to know before we hang out?