oahu military homecoming photography

If there is one thing I could keep on doing forever, it would be military homecoming photography. Military homecomings are near and dear to my heart because I know exactly what it's like to welcome home a loved one after a long deployment. I know how it feels to see that person after months of separation. How your knees go weak and you have to hug it out. I know because I've been through it myself, a few times now. Here's the thing, though. Even with a husband in the military, I always end up being amazed by the strength of our military families and in tears over the sweetness of these moments. It just doesn't cease to amaze me what we go through for the ones we love. I don't think I could ever tire of the excitement and happiness that surrounds each of these events. These moments go by quickly, too. While they may seem like they'll never come, they tend to be over in a flash. That's one of the reasons it's vital to capture homecomings, so you can look back on and remember them for years to come. It's so, so important to capture and document this day well. It's a part of your story together and it deserves beautiful imagery and authenticity just as much as a wedding or elopement. That's exactly why I am so passionate about telling these stories. Here are a few favorites from past homecomings. 

I am available to photograph military homecomings on any Oahu military base since we are stationed here. Get in touch today to book your homecoming! I can't wait to tell this part of your story.