One of my favorite things about living here in Hawaii is the ability to just get outdoors and hike to waterfalls or epic views without going too far. We’ve just got so much at our doorstep to explore! One of the easier hikes that still has an adventurous feel is Manoa Falls. The hike itself is relatively short, especially for the reward of seeing this pretty fall. And the bonus is, you can always cool off by hopping in the chilly pool! 

My other favorite part of living in Hawaii is getting to meet so many rad couples who are down to explore and have some fun! Alex + Cathryn have lived on the island for a bit but will be moving soon, so I’m really glad we had the chance to play around at Manoa Falls and capture a little of their time here. 

When you first get to the trail at Manoa, you walk into this lush, tropical garden. It doesn’t feel like any other place I’ve been, it’s just SO dang gorgeous + green. The sound of the wind through the leaves + the pretty stream running through creates a sense of peace. You just feel surrounded by the beauty of this earth. 

I’ve also never seen trees do such strange things as I have in Hawaii. I’ve seen spiralled trunks + all kinds of weird formations. A bit farther up the trail, there’s a pretty archway like a welcoming committee of branches leading you to the falls.

And then you arrive at the falls. It’s so straight up, volcanic rock faces covered in vines + roots, with a chilled pool at the bottom. 

There isn’t much that can beat playing in a waterfall in Hawaii.

If you’re a couple visiting Hawaii, it’s definitely worth documenting your time here. Memories fade so quickly, but having something to hold onto from this time is everything! Definitely get in touch if you’d like to chat about an adventure session – say hey 🙂 

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