I was soooo tempted to title this blog Mountains & Beaches & Babes, oh my 😉 because I’m not sure there’s a better descriptor than that. This Oahu engagement photo location has it all because it’s where those towering green ridges meet the Pacific to create dramatic landscapes unique to the islands. For those who just want to kick back casual and have some fun on the beach, the bay is perfect. If you’re adventurous, you can hit the bay and then hike the mountains for one of the most epic sunsets you’ll see in your life. It’s a win/win for sure! Assuming that the sun decides to show up, though, because sometimes it just doesn’t. Instead, you get pretty moody clouds over the ridge line which I am also totally okay with because wow.

This was a trip that Taylor + Brandon saved up for and she said the whole thing “felt like a dream come true.” I really love that about Hawaii, it so has a tendency to help couples feel like they really are in paradise. Sounds SUPER cheesy, I know, but it’s true. It’s like connection is in the atmosphere here. Maybe it’s all the aloha vibes.

These two actually got engaged over on Maui. Yep. Brandon planned a Maui proposal for his high school sweetheart. How could it be any freaking cuter? The funny thing is, he told me that she was almost late to her own proposal and I knew right then that Taylor and I would get along. I’m literally ALWAYS running behind. Unless it’s a shoot or a wedding, anything work related, I’m good. But when it comes to meeting friends for something or getting out to dinner with my hubs, you can bet I’ll be delayed somehow hahaha. It’s just one of those things. I heard that people who are always late are smarter, so there’s that.

Taylor reached out to me after the surprise proposal because she knew she wanted to capture this time in their lives right here in Hawaii. She’s always loved photos that are candid + real, totally unposed, so I knew we’d be a good fit. When we got to just enjoy the scenery + create some memories together, it was the best.

That golden Hawaii glow sure looks good on these two.

We had the best time playing on the beach right until the last drop of sunlight. If you connect with what you see, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal in Hawaii, looking to have engagement photos taken, or just traveling here with a dream of adventuring together as a couple, I’d be happy to chat with you about working together.

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