I approach Hawaii family photography in a really different way. I don’t believe in the staged, perfect photos where in actuality mom is gritting through her teeth saying “smile nice!” and dad is basically about to roll his eyes any second at the cheesy pose everyone is stuck in. Nope, that’s not me. I want your family to be captured in a real way that is true to life. If that’s a little chaos, I welcome it. If that means a lot of giggles and some snuggles, I’m so for that. I want your kiddos to get sandy toes while you chase them down the beach and sweep them up for a big hug. I just want you to all relax and be yourselves, together. Family photography is just better that way.

I also believe in Hawaii baby moons + maternity sessions that are more than heart-shaped hands on a bump. This is a really big time in your life together as a couple! It should be captured in a way that honors the two of you for who and how you are in that moment. I think that maternity photography should be about more than those typical poses you see mamas-to-be get put in. They should feel like the powerful, gorgeous woman they are!


Here are just a few examples of what this all looks like.

Oahu maternity photos
Oahu maternity photos

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