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Christina + Jeremiah | Yosemite Adventure Session | Yosemite Engagement Photographer

When two beautiful souls come together to share moments in what is literally the most beautiful place on earth, well, mmkay - magic totally happens. Christina's freckles are the real magic, HOW CUTE ARE THEY? haha


A little bit of back story here... I've been camping in Yosemite since I was a kiddo. I have a deep, deep love for this place. It's always where I have felt the most centered and peaceful. Every time I drive toward the park, my heart begins to beat a little faster. And when the tunnel fades away and the valley appears on the horizon, I dang near cry every time. There is something about El Cap's presence that just creates a feeling of safety for my spirit - as though I'm free to just be.

Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space. – Ansel Adams

But my real love is Half Dome. I lost my beautiful cousin Jody who loved geology and being out in the wilderness, so I think part of it is that Half Dome reminds me of her. She had such a sweet spirit. I later learned that Half Dome is actually believed to be a woman crying. Tissiack is the Native American name for this stunning rock face. The story is a little sad, but I still see her beauty. It's why she's earned a place on my right arm in the form of a watercolor tattoo.


Weirdly enough, though, in all the times I'd been to Yosemite... it had always been the valley or Tuolumne Meadows, Cloud's Rest, and the like. I had never been to Glacier Point or Taft until 2017!! HOW?! How did that even happen? In any case, it did happen and it needed to be fixed. So when I had the chance to photograph Christina + Jeremiah's adventure session here at Glacier Point, I drove crazy out of the way on a road trip to Tahoe to make it happen. And I'm sooo glad I did.

CJ 4.jpg

I don't think I will ever stop loving Yosemite. Each time I have been, it's always so different and still has the same power over my heart. So as often as I can, I will be in this space soaking up the crazy gorgeous, fierce face of nature. Even coming all the way from Oahu won't stop me! ;)